, Credit: © Experiminta gGmbH

© Experiminta gGmbH

Experiminta Science Center

The Experiminta Science Center is located in the Bockenheim district and invites visitors, and especially children, to experiment and discover. Unlike in a classic museum, touching is encouraged here. To this end, there are over a hundred experiment stations that revolve around the MINT subjects, i.e. mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology. Balls roll, waves are created, mirror images appear, and forces can be felt on the visitor's own body. The whole thing is subdivided into nine theme worlds, such as "Power" or "Energy and Environment," but there is no fixed route through the museum. Tip: Every first Friday of the month, the "Night at the Museum" takes place. After a show, visitors can explore the museum on their own with a flashlight.

Experiminta Science Center

Adventure museum all about natural sciences and technology

Frankfurt, Bockenheim, Hamburger Allee 22–24

Mo–Fr 9.30–14 Uhr, Sa/So 10.30–17.30 Uhr

Train IconVarrentrappstraße

  • An vielen Stationen heißt es: selbst ausprobieren!, Credit: © Experiminta gGmbH

    An vielen Stationen heißt es: selbst ausprobieren!

    © Experiminta gGmbH

  • Kunstunterricht 2.0: Farbenlehre im Experiminta , Credit: © Experiminta gGmbH

    Kunstunterricht 2.0: Farbenlehre im Experiminta

    © Experiminta gGmbH

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Kinder - Kinderspecials

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