© Martin Weinhage


Frankfurt's legendary bar and club scene invites you to dance the night away. It is no coincidence that the cradle of electronic dance music lies here.

Dance through the night with the radiant skyline behind you. You can't do that in any other German city. The Main metropolis played an identity-forming role for the techno scene in the 1980s. Pioneers like Talla 2XLC and Sven Väth paved the way for the "Sound of Frankfurt." In legendary clubs like the Omen or the Dorian Gray, people danced well past dawn. Nowadays, Tanzhaus West and Robert Johnson in particular are important addresses for lovers of hard, electronic beats. Those who like it softer, but very stylish, should go to what is probably Frankfurt's oldest club: The Jazzkeller has been in existence since 1952!

  • © Olgay Özkan

  • © Logenhaus Garten- und Nachtsalon

Last but not least, the excellent bar scene ensures long nights. Whether it's the excellent Speak-Easy in the Bahnhofsviertel, tucked away in the narrowest building in the city, or far above, Germany's highest bar with a 360-degree terrace - there are quite a few highlights.