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Culinary Frankfurt

Frankfurt is not only beautiful, it also has taste. In what is probably Germany's most international city, you'll find numerous national cuisines - from street food to star level.

With 180 different nations, Frankfurt is the most multicultural city in Germany. The cosmopolitan character is also reflected in the city's restaurants. Here you can discover a lot of culinary delights - from aromatic ramen and fine sushi to crispy falafel and original Neapolitan pizza. The high density of restaurants makes it possible.For those who want to try traditional Frankfurt cuisine, we recommend a visit to an old-established cider tavern.

  • Green sauce, also called

    Green sauce, also called "Grie Soß", is a Frankfurt classic. Only real with seven different herbs that are grown here.

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  • "Frankfurter Kranz" has the image of a crown and is reminiscent of the time when Frankfurt was the coronation city of German emperors.

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By the way, Frankfurt is not only known for its cider culture. Seven Swans, the world's first vegan star restaurant, is located on the Main. In total, there are ten restaurants that have been awarded a star by Guide Michelin. First and foremost are Gustav and Lafleur, each of which has two stars.

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Die 500 besten Restaurants in Frankfurt und Umgebung

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