Der klassizistische Pavillon befindet sich in der Bockenheimer Anlage, Credit: © Wikipedia/A. Köhler; BY-SA 3.0

© Wikipedia/A. Köhler; BY-SA 3.0

Nebbiensches Gartenhaus

The neoclassical pavilion is located in the Bockenheimer Anlage and has a 200-year history. It was probably designed and built in 1810 by the architect Nicolas Alexandre Salins de Montfort for the third wedding of the publisher Marcus Johann Nebbien. After his death, it was used, among other things, as a muster room for Frankfurt recruits and as a painting studio. It survived the air raids of the Second World War unscathed. In 1952 it was renovated from donations and an ornamental garden was laid out. Two fountains were installed: an Italian Renaissance marble fountain, the Florentine Fountain, and a small fountain. Today, the garden house is at the disposal of the Frankfurter Künstlerclub e. V., which regularly holds exhibitions of regional artists, poetry readings and concerts there.

Nebbiensches Gartenhaus

Classicist pavilion with ornamental garden

Frankfurt, Innenstadt, Bockenheimer Anlage

Mi–So 12–18 Uhr

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Foto: Markus Elsner

Literatur / Vorträge - Literatur

Andrea Wolf

„Höhe des Sommers – Höhe des Lebens“ mit Gedichten von Marty Kaffanke-Fuchs, musikalische Begleitung: Claudia Brendler, Gitarre Details >>

30.6. 11.00 Uhr

Foto: Markus Elsner

Klassik / Oper / Ballett - Klassik

Duo Kvaratskhelia

„Diapason“, Gitarrenduo, Werke von Schmalz, Brandt und Veldhuis Details >>

23.6. 11.00 Uhr