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Lost Places FFM - The old Neckermann building at Ostbahnhof

Neckermann makes it possible! Join Christian Setzepfandt on an exciting Lost Place tour through the old Neckermann building & enjoy lots of unexpected insider information. After the tour, enjoy a delicious Frankfurt Helles, Radler or non-alcoholic Helles with the other participants. First Neckermann, then Bundespost, today Veranstaltungsloft! Hardly any other Frankfurt company stands for the "German economic miracle" as much as the mail order company Neckermann. Company founder Josef Neckermann, already the owner of several expropriated Jewish-owned businesses, was one of Germany's entrepreneurial personalities in the post-war years. Coming from humble beginnings (with a shack on Mainzer Landstraße), Neckermann became one of the largest German mail order companies with the first modern company headquarters on Danziger Platz in 1951. For many years it served as a department store, warehouse and office for the mail order company. Later Neckermann continued to grow and moved to Hanauer Landstraße. The Bundespost took over the building at Ostbahnhof and it became Magenta. The age of ISDN began right here and telecom technicians were trained in the rear part of the building.

Lost Places FFM - The old Neckermann building at Ostbahnhof

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