Adresse für die beste Pasta der Stadt, Credit: © Dirk Ostermeier

© Dirk Ostermeier

Pasta Davini

In a side street to Konstablerwache, this gem of Italian cuisine awaits its guests. The restaurant is spread over two former ground-floor apartments, which are connected to each other, and even the furnishings are more reminiscent of private rooms than a restaurant. There is little space, people sit closely together at small tables, chandeliers hang from the ceilings and the various conversations fill the rooms. Besides appetizers and desserts, there is one thing to eat: pasta dishes. You don't find out in what form until you get to your seat, as the menu of the day is recited orally. But whether it's papardelle, raviolo or spaghetti - every dish here is prepared according to culinary family tradition, and you can taste it.

Pasta Davini

One of the best pasta in town

Frankfurt, Innenstadt, Heiligkreuzgasse 9A

Mo/Di Ruhetage, Mi–So 17.30–23.30 Uhr

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