Bar in Frankfurts schmalsten Haus, Credit: © The Tiny Cup

© The Tiny Cup

The Tiny Cup

If there isn't a crowd of people standing in front of the entrance, you can almost miss Tiny Cup, despite its prime location on the banks of the Main. The bar is located in Frankfurt's narrowest building, with an exterior façade just four meters wide. While vegan star cuisine is served in the Seven Swans restaurant on the top floors, the first floor and basement are dedicated to upscale cocktail art. On 17 square meters the team around owner Sven Riebel serves finest drinks, with which each detail is correct. The team is cordial and responsive to requests; no wonder then that owner Riebel was named "Host of the Year 2023" by the Mixology Bar Awards.

The Tiny Cup

Trendy bar in the narrowest house in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Altstadt, Mainkai 4

Mo/Di Ruhetage, Mi–So 18–24 Uhr

Train IconDom/Römer

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