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Laola-Welle - Fußball-EM 2024: Public Viewing

Are you already in soccer fever and have you already tuned your throat to the wave of laughter? The seats at the public viewing in the Host City Frankfurt are popular, so it's worth planning early. At the wave, the games will be broadcast in high definition and with great sound on the terraces of the Copper Bar, NOAH and Thai and Turf. The European Championship spectacle will be accompanied by exciting promotions and exclusive specials from local restaurateurs (e.g. free drinks or goal wall shooting). Snacks and food from Soulsa Pasta and Tilly's Tante will be available for the Germany games and the final. You can find more information on the Welle's Instagram channel @diewelle_community or on the website Locations: Copper Bar (An der Welle 4), NOAH (An der Welle 3), Thai and Turf (An der Welle 7).

Laola-Welle - Fußball-EM 2024: Public Viewing

19.6.–14.7. 15.00–23.00 Uhr / Die Welle Frankfurt

Die Welle Frankfurt

Innenstadt, An der Welle 3

Train IconAlte Oper: U6/7, Alte Oper: U6/7