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Erwin Pelzig - "The sore point"

In his unwavering desire to understand the complexity of the world, cabaret artist Frank-Markus Barwasser, in his role as Erwin Pelzig, embarks on a journey through the world of human grievances. In an easily excitable, hyper-nervous and shitstorm-happy society, the only way to approach humanity is through psychology if you want to understand the collective irrationality. There is certainly no shortage of insults: climate catastrophe, corona and war are calling our way of life into question, atomizing certainties that were previously believed to be safe and exposing all home-made contradictions at breathtaking speed - what an insult. But certainly not the only one. For Pelzig, one thing is certain: "Souls are offended. Liver sausages are offended. And offended souls are ticking time bombs". Hartmut and Dr. Göbel once again provide very different, sometimes even adventurous perspectives on the subject. And last but not least, it helps that despite all the offense, confidence does not fall by the wayside.

Erwin Pelzig - "The sore point"

22.6. 20.00 Uhr / Saalbau BikuZ Höchst

Saalbau BikuZ Höchst

Höchst, Michael-Stumpf-Straße 2